Win a Foil!

Starting November 3rd we will be launching Saturday Afternoon Standard, but we are launching big. For the first Saturday Afternoon Standard, the winner will receive an invite to our December 9th Standard PPTQ with free entry. In addition to that there will be additional prizes as follows:

  • Foil Search for Azcanta. Minimum 12 players.

  • Foil Nicol Bolas, The Ravager. Minimum 24 players.

  • Foil Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. 32 players.

    The tournament will be 4 rounds minimum and 5 rounds maximum with a pack per win standard payout. First place will receive the PPTQ invite as well as the highest tier prize above with the next highest going to second and third place respectively.

  • Preregistration is recommended with a 32 player cap.

  • $10 entry. 4:00pm start.

  • PPTQ Invite is for the top player only and can not be gifted or sold to another player.