Friday Night Magic - Additions to the Schedule

I'm happy to announce today that we'll be making some additions to our normal Friday Night Magic schedule - up until now we've only offered a $5 Standard tournament on Fridays, and they've been popular enough, but as time as worn on it occurred to us that we don't have to pigeonhole our Fridays into one format. Why not add some?!

  1. And so we'll be adding our most popular format - Commander - to our regular Friday night schedule at 7pm*, and
  2. To celebrate the release of Modern Masters 2017, we'll also be hosting a Modern Masters 2017 draft on Fridays as well at 6pm! Entry to MM3 drafts will be $30, with 1.5 Standard-legal packs in the prize pool per players.

To be clear, this will not cause any changes to our Commander night on Thursdays, it is strictly an addition to our Friday night schedule. Just like Thursday, entry into the Commander tournament will be $5 - and you'll receive one Standard-legal pack just for participating, and three packs if you win your pod!

*The Standard tourney on Fridays begins shortly after 6pm