Two More Ways to Play Magic Each Week...

The Dark Side is very happy to announce two new additions to our weekly schedule of Magic: The Gathering events - Monday Night Modern & Saturday Afternoon Standard. 

First, as the name suggests, Monday Night Modern will be the first regular Modern event on our schedule. To make this possible, we will be expanding our store hours on Monday so that we close at 10pm rather than 7pm (which will our hours on Monday closer in line with the rest of the week). Considering that players can invest significant amounts of money into their Modern decks, we really want to make these events worth their time. To that end, the entry fee for this event will be $10, which will allow us to put 3 booster packs in the prize pool per player (compared to a $5 entry and 1.5 packs per player at our typical Magic events). The prizes will paid out to the top half of finishers at the event.

In addition to the new Modern event on Mondays, we'll be adding a second Standard event to our calendar each week. These Standard events will be held on Saturdays at 12pm - and like our Modern events, these are intended to have a slightly more competitive feel than Friday Night Magic. Entry fee will be $10, and we'll put 3 packs in the prize pool per player.

These events have already been added to the store calendar - let us know what you think, and we hope to see you there!