Closed for Now (Friday, Jan. 13)

Unfortunately, due to the icy conditions outside, The Dark Side is going to have to close today, Friday, Jan. 13. Ice was already building up on my windshield on the way here this morning, and the parking lot and sidewalks here are very slippery. Because this weather is expected to continue throughout the day, conditions may only worsen as time passes. We do not want our customers risking injury to head to the shop - PLEASE STAY OFF THE ROADS AND STAY SAFE. If, however, the weather and roads clear, we'll reopen later this afternoon or evening. For now, Friday Night Magic is cancelled :(

Tentatively, prerelease is still scheduled to start tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am, but we will reevaluate the situation and, when we can, we'll announce a decision on whether or not to postpone the prerelease.