Prerelease Update

Hey everyone, I wanted to give a quick update on our prerelease plans for this Saturday. As I'm sure you've heard, we're supposed to get some pretty bad weather Friday evening into Saturday morning. Now, I don't typically put a lot of stock in the weather forecast, but this one may impact our 10am prerelease.

As of now, we're planning on going ahead with the prerelease at 10am. We'll be watching the weather, and if on Saturday morning the roads are dangerous, we may have to postpone the prerelease by an hour or two to ensure that the maximum number of players can arrive safely to participate. If that becomes necessary, we'll announce that decision here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter (follow us @darksideSTL). If you could help us out by sharing this information with anyone that is planning on coming Saturday, it would be greatly appreciated.

There are still plenty of seats available, so if you want to preregister and guarantee your spot, please swing by! It's a $25 entry, and we'll put 2 packs of Aether Revolt in the prize pool. We'll also have some other door prizes and fun things just for showing up :)