Kaladesh Prerelease - Another Way to Participate

Tomorrow The Dark Side will be hosting its very first Magic prerelease (yay!) - the main event will start at 10am and we'll be opening earlier, at 9am, so people can come and get settled if they'd like. That event will cost $25 to enter - which will get you a prerelease pack containing the six boosters pack you'll use to build your deck, as well as a spindown life counter - and will be a four-round event with Kaladesh prize-packs going to the top half of finishers (we'll also have some door prizes for random participants throughout the event).

In addition to the main-event, we'll also have some Kaladesh "open dueling" (either during the main event if there's space, or afterward if there isn't). To participate, players will need to purchase a Kaladesh Planeswalker deck* with which to duel - there is no separate entry fee for open dueling. Players can participate in both the main event and open dueling, just the main event, or just open dueling - whichever strikes your fancy.

*MSRP $14.99 - contains a pre-built 60-card deck containing an exclusive foil planeswalker & two Kaladesh booster packs that you can open & use to customize your deck. ONLY AVAILABLE DURING PRERELEASE WEEKEND - WILL NOT OFFICIALLY GO ON SALE UNTIL 9/30