Kaladesh Prerelease Details

I can't believe the Kaladesh prerelease is this weekend! Here are our plans for the event(s) this weekend:

Our first event will be at 10am on Saturday, Sept. 24th. We normally open at 10 on Saturdays, but this week we'll be there earlier if you want to arrive early and get yourself settled. We'd like to do it as a four-round event, so including deck-building time, plan the event taking ~5 hours altogether. We have space for 32 players, and we are accepting pre-registrations, so if you'd like to reserve your spot feel free to swing by the shop and sign up. Entry will be $25.

The Dark Side has only been allocated 36 prerelease packs for Kaladesh (being our 1st prerelease, they start you small) - which means that between all of our prerelease events, we can have a total of 36 players. We hope to get close to 32 players for the first event - if we do, we'll have just about exhausted our supply of prerelease packs and it'll likely be our only event. As I mentioned, we are taking pre-registrations in the shop - if you want to guarantee your spot, swing by and prepay your entry fee.