Ever been interested in Dungeons & Dragons?

Have you ever been curious about playing Dungeons & Dragons, but either were intimidated by tackling such a complex game, or tried but couldn't seem to find any like-minded adventurers? Or do you have a group of willing participants, but no one with the experience to be the Dungeon Master? Or are you an experienced player looking to find a regular play group? We've got some awesome FREE opportunities for you coming very, very soon!!

Join us this Wednesday at 7pm, as we are pleased to be hosting one of the two St. Louis area coordinators for the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer's League*. Steve (the coordinator) will be on hand to:

  • teach the game to new players,
  • start walking players through an introductory adventure, taking on the role of Dungeon Master (or "DM") himself,
  • to help teach and mentor those interested in becoming their own Dungeon Masters, and
  • to introduce players to one another, so that they can form their own play groups

All are welcome, no matter your experience level - if you are at all interested in D&D - this is a phenomenal opportunity that you just do not want to miss out on! And it's free!

We'll continue this effort each Wednesday, with Steve here to assist players (although we're not sure how many weeks he'll be with us). Our ultimate goal is to make The Dark Side the weekly home of D&D Adventurer's League campaigns for as many players as are interested in playing. 

*The Adventurer's League is the ongoing "official organized play campaign for D&D" - shops across the country host play groups as they progress through official Adventurer's League adventures (which all take place in the Forgotten Realms setting). Official adventures can be downloaded from the Dungeon Master's Guild