Magic Singles - Lower Price Point for Cards - TCG "Market Price"

Hey everybody, it's been a little while since we've posted here and it's time to get back on it. Today we've got a pretty big announcement that will affect anyone interested in Magic singles, but it's going to take a little explanation to make it clear what's happening (you can also go here for their explanation of the situation). The headline result, however, is that prices for most cards have fallen!

First, up to this point we've used the widely-respected and widely-used website TCGPlayer to get our pricing data for our singles collection. As TCGPlayer is essentially a clearinghouse for Magic cards and many stores and outlets use it to list cards for sale, they have access to enormous amounts of pricing information when it comes to Magic cards. Previously, they've made that information available to consumers in the form of three price-points for any particular Magic card:

High - which was the highest listed sale price of that card on the site,

Low - which was the lowest listed sale price of that card on the site, and

Mid - which was the median listed sale price of the card, given all listings of that card on the site

We've always tried to stick as close as we can to the TCG Mid price for cards when listing them for sale in our case (as well as when making offers to buy/trade cards). But that's about to change!

As TCGPlayer explains in their article, they are scrapping their old model and are making a new price point available to consumers. Called TCG "Market Price" the new price point actually digs in to completed transactions on the website in order to determine what price people have been actually paying for a particular card. And, perhaps not surprisingly, the price that people are actually paying for most cards is a bit lower than the median listed price of those cards.

We at The Dark Side celebrate the changes TCGPlayer is making. Although it means our Magic collection technically lost some value overnight, we think that - in almost every case - more accurate pricing information will mean lower prices for consumers, making the game more affordable for everyone :)

We should also note before we go that, along with the generally lower sale prices for cards, this also means we won't be able to give quite as much for trades/buys as we did previously.