Announcing Eternal Masters Cube/Phantom Drafts at The Dark Side!

I'm happy to announce that The Dark Side has finally completed work on its Eternal Masters "cube" for the store! Here's what we've been doing: 

We opened four boxes of Eternal Masters - two of them we immediately cataloged and sleeved (every card in each box) and we mined the other two for good uncommons, rares, and mythics to supplement what we managed to pull in the first. The result is a 720-card Eternal Masters "cube" that is designed to be drafted, re-drafted, and then drafted some more by up to 16 players. Take a look at some the nice rares and mythics that we've got in there:

Yes, that's a foil Mana Crypt flanked by two foil Wastelands up front.

We've also sleeved up all the lands that you'll need to build your deck when you're done drafting, so all you need to play is yourself (and maybe a playmat)! Watch this space for the first scheduled draft - we hope to start this weekend!