Are You Ready for DC Rebirth?

If you're not already, you can start getting excited about DC Rebirth - happening later this month!

What is it? DC Comics is getting back to what has worked for them, they're jettisoning titles and ideas from the New 52 (DC's last attempt to reboot their lineup) that haven't worked, keeping what has, and then relaunching all of their major titles (with just a handful of exceptions).

It begins May 25th, with DC Universe: Rebirth #1, a massive 80-page book (priced at just $2.99) that will introduce us to Rebirth, and the first wave of Rebirth titles. 

Here are a couple of videos you can watch to start getting yourself up-to-date - the first is from DC themselves, explaining Rebirth, and the second is from a fan explaining why he's super-excited about Rebirth

And here's Professor Thorgi: