Why Magic is a great game...

Another typically excellent video from the Professor at Tolarian Community College - if you've ever been tempted to come to a Magic event at a store, but just haven't pulled the trigger, watch this video.

Although there are several other games that have a much larger online following and presence, and Wizards of the Coast has taken some heat for not taking steps some in the community feel would allow it to compete on the same level, he takes the time to explain what Magic does right.

And that's the community and the face-to-face interaction you get when playing Magic. It's the opportunity that events like Friday Night Magic give people to meet new friends, discuss shared interests, and possibly be introduced to new and fun things outside the game of Magic itself.

These things dovetail quite nicely with the mission of our shop, and it's why we'll continue to promote the game as much as we can - it's not just about making money for us. :)