About Us

Above all, The Dark Side Comics & Games seeks to be an asset to its community. We think that it is important for you to know that it is owned by a husband and wife team - one a former teacher who runs the shop, and one a current teacher with a decade of experience - who sincerely believe that the products we offer can be much more than simple entertainment (although they definitely are that).

Comics and games bring people together, and in an age where technology continually makes face-to-face human interaction less necessary, that's no small thing. And it genuinely warms our teacher-hearts to be able to offer comics that provide fun and entertaining reading material that encourages the children in our community to read, as well as a space where they can (unwittingly) stretch and grow their brains while enjoying a board game with new friends. We're proud to foster a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment for everyone, no matter their age, gender, or experience level. 

We seek to be a gathering place for the comics and games lovers in our community (we think that's pretty much everyone - who doesn't like games?!), but we can only do that with your help - please let us know what events you would like to see us host!

We're open to hosting most types of events - if your personal game night has outgrown your space, and you'd like to use ours, just check with us in advance to see if there's a conflict.