The Dark Side Comics & Games Anniversary Event

The Dark Side Comics & Games Anniversary Event

Come on in Saturday, September 14th for our anniversary sale and signing event. For the first time ever we will have Hafu from Show Me Comics in store and in addition, writer Jordan Taylor and artist Sam Richardson will be her from 1:00 to 4:00 signing copies of their book! We’ll also have some great sales on comics, games, and Magic the Gathering cards. Best of all, a portion of all sales will go to St Louis ARC.

Win a Foil!

Win a Foil!

Starting November 3rd we will be launching Saturday Afternoon Standard, but we are launching big. For the first Saturday Afternoon Standard, the winner will receive an invite to our December 9th Standard PPTQ with free entry. In addition to that there will be additional prizes as follows:

  • Foil Search for Azcanta. Minimum 12 players.

  • Foil Nicol Bolas, The Ravager. Minimum 24 players.

  • Foil Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. 32 players.

    The tournament will be 4 rounds minimum and 5 rounds maximum with a pack per win standard payout. First place will receive the PPTQ invite as well as the highest tier prize above with the next highest going to second and third place respectively.

  • Preregistration is recommended with a 32 player cap.

  • $10 entry. 4:00pm start.

  • PPTQ Invite is for the top player only and can not be gifted or sold to another player.

MTG Prize Payout Change!

Moving forward, regular modern and standard tournament will now award a pack for each round win instead of the typical top half. For any tournament that has 8 or more participants this will mean a larger prize pool than before since we will run 4 rounds. Now ending the night with a 2-2 record won’t mean you leave empty handed because your opponents didn’t have as good of a record as someone else that went 2-2. You win 2 rounds, you win 2 packs!

Win a Foil Ancestral Vision!

Hey guys,

This week I want to do something a little special for Wednesday Night Modern. If we can get 10 or more people to participate in Wednesday’s tournament (Oct 10th), I will award the top player with a foil Ancestral Vision from Iconic Masters (In addition to normal prize support)! Still just a $5 entry fee, so come on out. Tournament starts at 6:30 and pre-registration is welcome.

Last Day - New Ownership

Last Day - New Ownership

Hey all,

I wanted to take quick second and say a few things on my last day as the owner of The Dark Side Comics & Games. There’s no important shop update that will affect customers/players really, so feel free to skip this one, but I’m going to go ahead and write this anyway.

First, for anyone who wasn’t aware, the shop will be getting new ownership later this morning. This is a bittersweet moment for me. Having hatched this idea over three years ago and seen it through up to this point, I’m sad to be ending my involvement with it. We’ve built a great little shop - and an even better community in and around it. I’ll miss having a hand in that.

That said, I’m very happy that it is ending this way. I’m proud to have built something that someone else wants to carry on. I know the new owners are committed to doing everything they can to steer the shop to continued success. It’s in great hands, and I wish them and their shop nothing but the best.


PPTQ Update - Please Share!

PPTQ Update - Please Share!

Hey everyone, we ran into a (very) slight scheduling conflict with our judge for the PPTQ this weekend - rather than start at 10am as has been previously advertised, the PPTQ will begin at 11AM.

Just to be clear, the PPTQ this Sunday will begin at 11AM (doors will open right around 9am so people can come get settled). If you see this message it would be very, very much appreciated if you could pass it along to anyone you know who is planning on coming this Sunday. Thanks!